Florida Long Term Care Planners was formed when this subject became a heart-matter for me rather than something I simply knew about in my head.

As I have visited a nursing home nearly every Wednesday and Sunday for the past year, and especially as I have gotten to know many of the personal issues that my good friend Steve Bruegger is faced with, I have come to realize that this is a planning issue that we avoid at the great peril of ourselves and our loved ones.

The basic fact that I have had to come to grips with is that there is a high likelihood that I am going to be involved at some point in my life with a personal long term care situation. Spurred on by that knowledge, I have discovered that there is a dramatic difference in outcomes based solely upon whether a plan has been put into place before the ‘crisis’ event occurs.

My goal is to equip my clients with all of the best information possible and then to assist them to the degree they desire in formulating a plan which will result in the most appropriate combination of benefits for the most affordable and economical cost.

I invite you to utilize all of the terrific information available under the pull-down tabs on this website and I want to encourage you to begin listing your questions and concerns.

Then act! Whether you move forward with me or another LTCi specialist is not nearly as important as making forward progress in putting a plan into place.

If you would like to engage my services, you may click on the ‘Request Info’ button below or call/email me at the numbers above.

Thank you again for visiting us and Good Planning!

Thomas Kenyon, CLTC

Thomas Kenyon, CLTC